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Many Thanks, Much Love



Sterling silver(rhodium plated), k18, Dumortierite in quartz, Aquamarine, Southsea pearl, Akoya Pearls, Fresh
water pearls, yellow and pink sapphires, CZ

w5x d4 x L49 cm
(adjustable 43-49cm necklace)


I made this necklace for memories with my father who passed away this February.

When I think of him, I feel much love and I am thankful for his existence.

I wanted to leave the memories with him and this thankful loving feeling  I have now by creating a work about him.


I have tons of memories about him. They are now all precious and beautiful. I was thinking how I express them in my work.

Then I felt that they are like flowers swinging in my mind. I felt I have flower field of memories in my mind. I go there, and pick flowers to make a flower lei. It’s how I came up the  idea of this necklace ‘many thanks, much love’

The title may little strange with the grammar. But it means that I would like to say thanks many times with much love.


In each flowers, I set different memories and stories.​


I recently saw a documentary about the tomb of Tutankhamen on TV. When they found the coffin, there was a flower-lei on it without decaying after so many years. It’s a miracle. They were deeply touched by imagining the feeling of who layered the flower-lei at the ancient time.

I guess It’s natural to offer flowers to the departed people. The feeling is the same at the ancient time and now. 

I thought it was good that I made a flower lei necklace with his memories.


Creating this necklace made me to proceed to the next stage. It encouraged me very much. In the memories, all were vivid and filled with love. I could confirm it. I could get over his loss. I could concentrate on his life much more than his death. And it was very special experience to me.


And I felt that I would like to do this in my future. For other people, I would like to make a flower lei of memories with a dearest person. It’s a non-fiction jewelry. 

I would like to take a special commission to make your memories into jewelry.

For each epispdes, please click HERE

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