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​I wish I could



sterling silver, k18, hard maple, cz, pink tourmaline, enamel, pearls, green quartz

This necklace is about the pandemic of COVID-19 . wish I could” necklace. 

The normal daily life we had became rare and precious like jewels anymore. 
So I put those I wish I could things in jewel shaped wood parts but also look like clouds because they are all imagination.
I tried to arrange them look like floating.

I put a person who is muttering 'I wish I could' to herself on the balcony for the clasp.

In my imagination, she is a student abroad far from her family and her boyfriend. 
There are so many students like her in the world in this pandemic. 
I was a student in NY during 9.11. I was very scared alone in a different country. I imagined if it was this pandemic, it's much worse.
I remembered myself looking city lights from my balcony of my apartment then.The city lights healed the loneliness a little bit.That's how I put the person on the balcony for the clasp.

I pray for people far from their family, lovers, or best friends can meet again and touch again as soon as possible.
I hope this pandemic finishes very soon and the normal daily life (freedom) would come back. 



I wish I could...

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