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Stories on the planet



(7 brooches, 1 pair of earrings, can also be a pin)


Sterling Silver, K18 yellow gold, Acrylic plate, Enamel, South sea pearl, Akoya pearls, CZ, Opal, Coral, Rock crystal quartz plates


I made the necklace about stories which are happening at the same time in 35 cities.

I didn't mean it, but somehow  the continent became brooches and the island became a pair of earrings.

You can use it individually as a brooch or earrings, or attach it to the base of a necklace designed based on a world map and use it as a necklace.

It's a necklace of the earth.

​ Please watch the video at the bottom of this page for each detail and story.


7.7 billion stories are happening on this planet at the same time.  

The stories are concurrent and endless.

You may be happy.  You may be sad.
You may be full of joy or cry with regret.
You may be relaxed. You may be nervous.

You may be living an ordinary or extraordinary life.


Everyone lives their moment of life on this planet earth which travels accurately around the sun.


Thank you


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