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Red Carpet




sterling silver, k18, CZ, acrylic glass

I made this necklace for an exhibition called “red” few years ago. When I was thinking what to do with ‘red’,
I saw the Oscar on TV by chance. I remember that I was thrilled when I came up with this idea of the red carpet.

There are lots of media photographers and reporters in oxidized silver (though you can’t see very well the details in the picture). I used CZ for the camera flashes. Celebrities are in K18.

To show the red carpet and celebrities more impressively, I made the angle of the carpet about 110 degree not the right angle. And it was difficult to make it look real. Making strange angled acrylic box was difficult too. But I succeeded with them.

I thought it’s a very suitable theme for jewelry! It’s gorgeous and a fun piece! It’s totally one of a kind.
I don’t think there is any other red carpet jewelry.

Red Carpet necklace is on sale at Mobilia gallery.

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