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Brooch for Helen Drutt

as a gift from Museum of Arts and Design (special commission)



sterling silver (rhodium, k18YG, k18PG plated), methacrylate resin, orange sapphire, ruby, cz, coral, multi color sapphire, k18(only the middle person in the middle acrylic block)

I was so honored to make this brooch for Helen Drutt who was the most important gallerist, champion, and advocate for the field of contemporary jewelry in America over a number of decades. She is 91 years old but still energetic to attend contemporary jewelry events. How wonderful it is.

I made this brooch as a special commission from Museum of Arts and Design in NYC which is the best museum for contemporary jewelry in United States.
I longed for Helen Drutt gallery and Museum of Arts and Design when I was a student. And now I grew up to take special commission from the museum to the person I admired very much. What an honor! This work was so special to me. Though it was really tight schedule, I could manage somehow.

As I introduced in the video, I put her life stories in the acrylic blocks. I will write about details later.

I also made a jewelry case which she can display at home.

This was given to Helen and I heard that it was successful. That said she loved it and I was so happy about it.

Making real life stories into a jewelry is what I really want to do.
I think I was born to do this.
Like painters paints portrait, I would like to make a jewelry with life stories of the person. I guess this is what only I can do. It’s my truly original style.

If you are interested in making your life stories into a jewelry.

I can take a special commission. Please contact with Mobilia Gallery in Boston USA. They will take care.

I can talk to you online to decide the design which exists only one in the world. You are special and only existence. Your life jewelry has to be special and only existence. I believe special commission will be standard from now on. I would like to know your life stories to enclose into jewelry. They are shiny and the real jewels which shines your heart.


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