the breathing earth

The breathing earth (Bracelet / Fall 2005)

Sterling silver, 18K yellow gold, Enamel, Shakudo, Maple, An antique watch, Quartz, Plastic

The breathing Earth
When the blackened sun covers the city, I suddenly remember an ancient memory
It gets clearer and clearer in the darkness.
It's a memory of a time when I wasn't myself yet and the Earth wasn't the Earth yet...
But a world covered by dark wings. A cold wind stirring. The black silence.
Eternal emptiness. An emptiness expanding in black.
One day, a light was born to the expanding void.
A world was then covered by the light. The ground gained shape.
A warm wind blew. Colors came to life. Love poured endlessly.
The Earth started breathing in the fullness of light.
The Earth has breathed ceaselessly from that time to now. This is my memory.